It’s good for search engine optimization to say what your site is about at the top of the page. Musical Theater. Whew. Let’s carry on.

Here is what the hell is going on with me:

  • I just finished arranging and supervising a CHRISTMAS EP with Broadway’s Own Ben Crawford. He’s a very kind man who plays the Phantom in…. Phantom! This is our second project together and it will come out real soon. You can find our first project here.
  • I am still writing a musical based on the Virginia Woolf novel Mrs. Dalloway. The librettist is my friend Brandon Adam, who is from Canada and went to Cambridge. That means he is smart and nice. He is also single. But enough about him. The musical is about a single day in Victorian England where people lie to themselves to make themselves believe that their lives are worth it. There is a party at the end of it, and Clarissa Dalloway decides not to jump out a window. Then I have everyone sing about a flower and that’s it The End. Also it takes place directly after the Spanish Flu, which was a pandemic. Huh. We are just about three years deep into writing this and I am very very happy with how it’s going.
  • Last time I updated this site, I was going to Weston, Vermont, where I was music directing. This time I am also going to Weston to MD their Holiday Cabaret, so I can still keep this picture up, which I took two years ago on my phone:
I took this on my phone.
  • I’m writing a children’s show with a company in California. I think saying more would be inappropriate and tacky, but I’ll have more news soon. I also like having something secret going on. It makes me feel like I’m important.
  • It’s good for search engine stuff to mention what your site is about again, a little further into the page. Musical Theater.
  • I’ve been making music for a group of clowns called Some Clowns. We’ll have a show in mid-December I think. I’d say “more details to come,” but we both know I’m not going to update this for at least six months.

I’ve been active on Twitter again and I’m trying not to lose my dome about it. I find it hard to be active online. I also find it hard to be inactive online. Online has destroyed me in the past, and I am returning to its arms, like a hopeful spouse to an abusive partner, thinking it will go differently this time. It won’t.

I am also trying to write some thoughts down and make some sort of newsletter. I hope I do good at it.

Wow, we sure have done a lot of laughing today, here on my website. But I hope we learned something as well.

Until next time,