Well it looks like I’m updating my big bad website once again. Today’s date is October 5th, 2023. Here is what the hell is going on with me:

  • Earlier this year I put up a concert of comedy songs that I liked a lot. This was a big deal for me because I’d been having a difficult time coming up with funny standalone songs for years. Then I finally hit this vein where it was like – “huh… i can just do my weird online crap and do it in the form of musical? whoa…” I found it fun and I got to work with my friends. Here’s a big ol playlist of the video from it. Nice.
  • I found it really nice to write on a small scale. It was like “here’s some songs, and now I’m just gonna do ’em.” It’s so freakin expensive to make a musical, and that’s why there’s all these things where you gotta fill out a form so someone lets you do a workshop so that you can do another workshop so you can do another workshop. I tend not to apply to these and it’s not going well for me. I need to figure out what to do about that. But in the meantime I can just write little cabarets and stuff and just say that that’s what I do, which I guess is where I’m at now.
  • All the while, I am still writing a musical based on the Virginia Woolf novel Mrs. Dalloway. I am working with playwright Brandon Adam, and we recently both thought, “What if we made this show really fuckin good.” So that’s what we’re doing. We’ve been at this for like five years and I think this next draft is gonna be the one.
  • I spent this summer Weston, Vermont, like always. This time I played Keys II for their production of Singin’ In The Rain, which was complicated somewhat by the presence of catastrophic rain and flooding. RIP the basement Cabaret space. The Cabaret has died, long live the Cabaret.
A pic I took of Vermont in 2019
  • These days for money I teach kids to sing and act. The other day a student of mine said to me “I love you” and I said thanks.
  • I’m still mostly off social media, which is good for my brain and bad for my career. One day I’ll figure it out.

One day I will commit to a weekly newsletter, you’ll see. One day you’ll see, you’ll all see. I got some shit cooking in my brain that will make some serious impact. Some real whoppers. Until then, here’s my posts on my little blog.

Wow, we sure have done a lot of laughing today, here on my website. But I hope we learned something as well.

Until next time,