I am updating my website for the first time in two years. If you are seeing this, this text may be two years old as well. Because I don’t update this often. I am too busy writing musicals and picking at my navel.

Here is what I am doing these days:

  • I just finished arranging and supervising an EP with Broadway’s Own Ben Crawford. He’s a very kind man who plays the Phantom in…. Phantom! I have made sure to be extra nice to him so that he doesn’t drop a dang chandelier on my head! Just kidding. He would never do that. The EP will come out soon and I am excited for you all to hear it.
  • I am writing a musical based on the Virginia Woolf novel Mrs. Dalloway. The librettist is my friend Brandon Adam, who is from Canada and went to Cambridge. That means he is smart and nice. He is also single. But enough about him. The musical is about a single day in Victorian England where people lie to themselves to make themselves believe that their lives are worth it. There is a party at the end of it, and Clarissa Dalloway decides not to jump out a window. Then I have everyone sing about a flower and that’s it The End. Also it takes place directly after the Spanish Flu, which was a pandemic. Huh. We are two years deep into writing this and I am very very happy with how it’s going.
  • Last time I updated this site, I was coming home from Weston, Vermont, where I was music directing. This time I am going to Weston again, so that means I can keep the same picture as I had before, which I took on my phone:
Some mountains.
  • I will be music directing a touring production of Seussical that will play to a bunch of schools. I’m excited because I played Horton when I was in middle school, so I know all the words already.
  • After that I will move back to Brooklyn and…. I guess make theater? I guess we’re all gonna do that again?
  • I am still the music director for The Commedia Company—the only commedia dell’arte company in New York City (I think). We’re gonna do a run of a show in a converted church upstate somewhere in September. I’m sure it’ll be bananas.

You would think that sometime during the pandemic I would have notated some of my stuff and put it in the Shop tab. But nope, still empty. I sure did get better at cooking though. Oh also I’m vegan now. Does that belong here? Today I made charred bok choy and it was good.

Wow, we sure have done a lot of laughing today, here on my website. But I hope we learned something as well.

Until next time,