I am writing this on July 20, 2022. If it’s later than that when you read this, assume that I’ve won some huge awards and that I finally got the rights for my dream project: Shallow Hal the Musical.

Here is what the hell is going on with me:

  • I’m trying to make friends and gain a sense of community, here in the whimsical world of musical theater writing. To that end, I wrote a song recently for an installment of Musematch. I was worried the song was too thinky and not funny enough, but I was wrong. It was a hit, folks. Futaba Shioda performed it and I like what he did with it. Hire him!
  • I am still writing a musical based on the Virginia Woolf novel Mrs. Dalloway. I’m writing with Brandon Adam, who is my friend. When we started outlining it in like late 2018, we threw out all the stuff about recovering from a pandemic because it was irrelevant. Haha. Now we’re rewriting the show from top to bottom to respond to a world in which people feel, perhaps, that they’ve lost a part of themselves due to difficult circumstances in the world. I feel deeply compelled to write it, and it’s the most secure I’ve ever felt that I’m writing something that matters. Wahoo.
  • Last time I updated this site, I was going to Weston, Vermont, where I was music directing. I am up there right now, music directing their Cabaret, which is a thing they’ve been doing up here for like thirty years and now I’m the go-to dude for it. What it basically means is I source and arrange a bunch of sheet music for the dumbest possible gags. It’s going well and I’m politely having a nice time.
I took this on my phone.
  • I wrote this children’s show for a company in California, and they said they liked it enough to put it on. It’ll be happening next Spring I think. It’s about kids who save a restaurant because they believe in themselves.
  • You know what, I’ll just come out and be vulnerable: I’m really feeling like I want to find my people – cool people. People who have something to say. People with strange voices and odd skills. Not people who will show up to a pop/rock MT call wearing a leather jacket and sing Ain’t it Fun by Paramore. People who wanna build MT from the ground up; not just fit into the mold the industry already provides. Out with the lame shit! In with the good shit! Hit me up if this means you. Let’s hang out.

I just deleted my Twitter before I left for Vermont. It felt so goddamn good. My widdow bwain was going nuts.

One day I will commit to a weekly newsletter, you’ll see. One day you’ll see, you’ll all see. I got some shit cooking in my brain that will make some serious impact. Some real whoppers. Until then, here’s my posts on my little blog.

Wow, we sure have done a lot of laughing today, here on my website. But I hope we learned something as well.

Until next time,