About a year ago I swore off the alluring siren song of the terrible pixels so that I might become better at writing musicals. It worked, and Now I Am Unstoppable. I have also lost all my friends.

As a result, however, nobody knows what the crap I’m doing anymore. Hell, I don’t even know myself. I don’t know myself at all. Anyways here’s a Life Update:

  • I am writing this from a beautiful house that is very haunted in Weston, Vermont, near the Weston Playhouse. I have just spent my summer playing their pianos and waving my arms at people while they sing. The people here are very kind, the theatre is good, and there are two places that sell fudge on my street (and not much else). What more could a guy want.
Some mountains.
  • I’m coming back to the Huge Apple in a couple days to wag my immense rear end along the city streets, hoping that someone might pay this old hunk of coal to write songs in their musicals. “Let’s grab coffee,” is something I’m going to start saying to people again. Jeezum crowe.
  • I got a couple things going on in the city:
    1. I play music in a raucous group of overgrown boys that is called All My Sons. It’s the best rock band you’ve ever heard that’s named after an Arthur Miller play. We have a show on Labor Day. And if you’re reading this after Labor Day? Well then guess what you missed it. Snooze you lose. Here’s where you can find more stuff about us.
    2. I am also playing music for a group called the Commedia Company. They put on masks and slap each other around a little and find babies in the street and sing songs about chickens. This is admittedly not my strongest pitch. To my knowledge, it’s the only Commedia Dell’Arte Company in the city. So that’s cool. The thing I do with them is get yelled at for not knowing songs from the 80’s. It’s a lot of fun – we have a show on Friday the 13th!!! What’s gonna happen??? I hope Criss Angel comes. That would be sick.
    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: I have been writing a musical with my friend Josh Call for a little while and we’re mounting a reading of it soon. It’s called Wildheart and it’s about a heart transplant, superheroes, growing up, a homemade motorcycle, learning to love the people around you, a large cliff, preteens, and the looming spectre of uncertainty that lurks around the edges of every day.

      When is it exactly, do you ask? Don’t ask that or I will NOT invite you to my birthday party. Details are being hammered out. If you want an invite just like tell me or something, I don’t know. Go to the Contact part of this site and I’ll hire someone to throw a brick in your window with the details once I have them.

Wow, we sure have done a lot of laughing today, here on my website. But I hope we learned something as well.

Until next time,