Well, look at the time. It’s “music o’clock.”


“I’m in my Standalone Era, sweetie,” I scream at the cars, standing between lanes of the BQE. Then I blast these tunes from my boombox that I wheel onto the subway.

Snip Snip, featuring Jake Foster and Marlina Devery.
Opal O’Hara’s New York City Cabaret Debut, featuring Ari Raskin
Whatever You Need, featuring Cory Jeacoma


My white whale. My pride and joy. The gift that keeps on giving. Virginia Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway. I’m not ready to share any real music from this, but here’s a cut song from years ago that will never make it back in but I still really like it. This was Clarissa’s I Want. She just wants clarity.

Composer demo. Listen to those virtual strings!


A song about toothpaste that came out nice.


I reimagined some tunes for the handsome Ben Crawford on two EPs in 2021. I wrote the parts, served as the middleman for all the digital COVID-era recording, did some little synths and twinkly keys here and there, and did some light work on the audio before sending it to Dean Sharenow who mixed and mastered it proper.

My favorite tune of the eight is Silent Night. So happy with it!