I took this on my phone.

First, a serious one:

John Coyne is a musical theatre songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and performer. His music has been heard at 3LD, 54 Below, Schimmel Center, The Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center, Kansas City Fringe, and more. Recently, he wrote incidental music for and performed in BEDLAM’s Uncle Romeo Vanya Juliet. Other favorites include Masc4Mask: A Solo Queer Commedia Show (original music), and Cubicle the Musical (PIT Loft, music and additional lyrics). BFA in Acting: Pace University.

Now, a silly one:

John Coyne went to acting school and decided it just wasn’t for him. Now he makes all sorts of music with his fingers and mouth to help stories be told. One time he sat in the corner and played moody Chekhovian guitar while BEDLAM did a theatrical mashup called Uncle Romeo Vanya Juliet. Another time he sat in the corner and made things up on the piano while Nicholas Mayfield danced around and said things in Masc4Mask: A Solo Queer Commedia Show. John also writes musicals but no one knows about any of them yet because John is still quite young, but he’s working on getting older, one day per day. Nowadays John sits behind a keyboard while the Commedia Company yells at him for not knowing songs from the 80’s. John daydreams about having a pet pig, and his favorite fruit is plums.